Eduroam Wireless Access at CNC

Eduroam is a collaborative network that allows students, staff, and faculty to access the Internet via encrypted wireless services at cooperating universities without the need for obtaining a guest account. Eduroam allows a user visiting another institution to login using the same credentials they would at their home campus.

Gaining access to an organization’s Wi-Fi network using eduroam:

  • Connect to the eduroam wireless network (eduroam SSID). 
  • Connect using your username and append an @ symbol and the domain name of college.
    • At CNC that would be . 
      (This looks like an email address but it is not; it is just a method to indicate your user ID and institution.)
  • Use your CNC password.  If you do not have a username and password at CNC this connection will not function.
  • The first time you connect to eduroam, you will be prompted to verify a security certificate.  Once verified, you won’t have to verify the certificate on future connections.

Before connecting to another institution’s eduroam enabled Wi-Fi network:

  • Set up and test your computer at your home institution first to make sure that it works before travelling.
  • Continue to use the CNC Wi-Fi network, while at the college, as it is the primary wireless network on campus and provides direct access to internal resources whereas eduroam does not.
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