How To: Refresh an email address in Outlook

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Title: How To: Refresh an email address in Outlook

Audience: Staff / Faculty

Applies to: Outlook 2016, 2019 and O365

Category: Communication and Collaboration / Email and Collaboration Services

Prerequisites: NA


Problem: Getting Undelivered Messages from CNC email


Description / Summary: How to refresh a users email address stored in your Outlook's address book.


How To: Refresh address in Outlook

1. Open outlook and start writing a new email by clicking the "New Email" button.

2. Once you have the New Email window open, start typing the email address of the user you are having trouble with, then click the "X" beside their name.

3. After you click the "X", start typing the name in again and press "CTRL" and "K" at the same time to auto complete the name again. 


Your outlook will download the newest information about their email address and allow you to send email to that address. 

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