How To: Create a CNC Email Signature

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Title: How to: Create a CNC Email Signature

Audience: Staff / Faculty

Applies to: Outlook

Category: Desktop, Mobile, and Printing Support

Prerequisites: Access to Outlook/Internet


Problem: N/A


Description / Summary: Guide on how to create a CNC Signature to identify emails from CNC.


This article will serve as a guide on creating a CNC signature. This will allow others to identify if a message from you is legitimate, and adds a professional look to sent emails.

1. Visit to begin the process.

2. If you are logged into CNC services, the page should auto-populate your information as such:

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

If your information is not auto generated, either enter it manually or look in the top right corner to ensure you are logged in.

If your information appears out-of-date, click the Reset User Data button to fetch the most up-to-date data for your account.

3. At the bottom of the page is the "Request Signature" button to get your CNC Email Signature emailed to the address in the "Email Address" field. It will include your signature and instructions on adding it to your email tool.

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