How To: Add Shared Mailboxes in Outlook Webmail

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Title: How To: Add Shared Mailboxes in Outlook Webmail

Audience: CNC staff

Applies to: CNC email users

Category: Communication & Collaboration

Prerequisites: Outlook account; membership of a shared mailbox


Problem: Mail to shared mailbox not visible in Outlook web based email


Description / Summary: A visual guide to adding a shared mailbox to Outlook web mail



If you have been added as a member of a shared mailbox (example: email sent to that mailbox will be automatically available when you read your email using the Outlook desktop application, but  will need to perform an extra step in order to view that mailbox when you read your email using Outlook on the web.

1. Move your mouse over to the “Folders” in the navigation pane. Then right click and select “Add shared folder or mailbox”


2. Enter the mailbox address you wish to add to your webmail


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