How To: Remove Cached Email Addresses from Outlook

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Title: How To: Remove Cached Email Addresses from Outlook

Audience: Staff / Faculty

Applies to: Outlook Client

Category: Communication and Collaboration

Prerequisites: Access to Outlook


Problem: Emails are "undeliverable", incorrect Emails addresses


Description / Summary: Guide on removing cached Email addresses in Outlook that cause "undeliverable" message


If within Outlook you send an email to an internal email address that you know is valid and get a “undeliverable” message back, you will need to follow these steps:

1. From a new message window in Outlook, begin typing the email address or name of the intended recipient. A drop-down window will appear that is attempting to guess the address that you are looking for.

2. Use the “X” beside the name to remove this entry

4. You should then be able to type the address of recipient and the correct address should auto-populate in the field

5. With a successful email sent, the correct address should now be cached within your Outlook

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