Information about accounts and security. This could include how to setup MFA, what a CNC Account is, and more!

Articles (7)

(MFA) How To: Add a Phone Number for MFA Recovery in the Microsoft Authenticator App

This article will assist users in adding a recovery phone number to their CNC Microsoft account.

(MFA) How To: Set Up the Authenticator App or Request Token

The below information can be used to set up Multi-Factor Authentication on your CNC account either on a work or personal phone. If you do not wish to use your mobile device, we also offer Authenticator Tokens.

(MFA) How To: Upgrade or Change Your Phone in the Microsoft Authenticator App

Article is intended as a guide for users looking to upgrade their mobile device.

About: CNC Password Policy

Description of the password policies enforced for CNC credentials. Describes what values the password can and cannot hold.

How to: Change your Preferred First Name

Steps to guide a user through the process of changing their display name using CNC Connect

How To: Update User Information in CNC Connect

Article on updating personal information in CNC Connect