Account Security

What is this?

These forms provide options to secure your CNC Account. You can:

  • Request an MFA token if you choose not to use the Microsoft authenticator application on your mobile phone
  • Change your CNC Account password

What information do I need to use this?

  • You need to have MFA enabled on your CNC email in order to request to use a token
  • To change your CNC Account password, you will need your CNC username and ID number, or your last name and your Social Insurance Number
    • You will also need access to the non-CNC email account which is on file with either the Office of the Registrar or Human Resources

How can I get this?

Click one of the buttons to the right to complete token request form or visit the CNC Account webpage.

Who can use this?

  • MFA token request: current CNC students & members of staff
  • CNC Password Change: current & former CNC students & members of staff
MFA Token Request Reset Password

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MFA Token Request
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Reset Password
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