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About: CNC Email Account

All CNC students, staff and faculty members are issued a CNC Email account. Your email address will be your CNC username (

About: Computer Lab Software List

This is an exhaustive list of all the software available in CNC computer labs.

About: Getting Started with VMWare Horizon Client

Getting Started with VMWare Horizon Client

About: Interacting with an Auto Answer in Teams

Location of the keypad used inside of a Teams call.

About: Office 365 for Students & Staff

Here's how you can access Office 365 at home if you're a current student or member of staff.

FAQ: M365 Migration

FAQ for M365 Migration.

How To: Access OneDrive through File Explorer

Guide on using/using OneDrive on a Modern Image device.

How To: Access the Horizon Virtual Desktop

How to install the Horizon Desktop Client and connect to a remote session.

How To: Add a Nested Folder to your File Explorer

Steps for adding a nested folder to your file explorer. Sometimes this is required if you don't have access to the parent folder in the file system and only need access to a folder inside of a parent folder.

How To: Backup and Restore your Files to OneDrive

Instructions for signing into OneDrive, backing up user data and bookmarks. Also includes instructions for restoring the data.

How To: Forward CNC Emails to a Personal Email (Student Guide)

CNC student email accounts allow students to forward all emails to a personal account.

How to: Install Software using the Company Portal

How to use the company portal to install approved software on CNC Computers

How To: Set Secondary Ringer in Teams

Guide on setting secondary ringer for users with soft phones and headsets.

How To: Set Text to Speech Voicemail Greetings in Teams

How to set a custom text greeting using Teams.

How To: Setup Call Forwarding and Coverage in Teams

Overview of settings for forwarding calls and setting up secondary coverage.

How To: Setup Calling Group Availability in Teams

Quick overview of setting queue availability.